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Botched surgery victim wins payout

The 52 year old, who does not wish to be named, brought a claim after having much more extensive surgery than necessary after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was one of 35 women who complained after being treated by consultant surgeon Purvaneswary Markandoo. In total, 29 proceeded with compensation claims against Barnsley Hospital totalling 1m. The woman, who was diagnosed with cancer in 2005 after finding a lump in her breast, says she Is Testosterone Propionate Illegal is still traumatised by the experience.

She said: "It has been an absolute nightmare which is still having an effect on me today. From the moment I was diagnosed with breast cancer it has been a buy cheap jintropin online terrifying experience.

"Anyone who has had cancer knows that it turns your world upside down. To find out years after undergoing surgery that much of that treatment was unnecessary is indescribable.

"I have felt shocked, upset and angry, all the emotions you can imagine. You put your trust in a hospital and the doctor, believing you are in the best hands and that they will take care of you and do what is right for you, and then to discover that is not what happened at all it leaves me at a loss.

"I am still on anti depressants and I have been left terrified of what the future may hold in terms of my health."

The married grandmother of three should have undergone a lumpectomy following her breast cancer diagnosis but instead Ms Markandoo performed a radical axillary dissection, a much more extensive form of surgery.

The error was only discovered after the woman responded to an appeal by Raleys solicitors firm in 2007 for former Markandoo patients to come forward after several complaints were made.

In 2008, the General Medical Council found Markandoo to be deficient in 11 areas of her job.

Raleys has won damages for 11 women following surgery carried out by "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" the consultant.

Jenny Garbutt, of Raleys, said: "No amount of money Omega 3 Winstrol can make up for what our clients have had to go through. The experience of this lady is just one of many. At least now this closes, Masteron King once and for all, what has been a very distressing chapter in the lives of a number of women."

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