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Welcome to GP-DYNAMICS Custom Programming!


This resource website is dedicated for programmers, developers and advanced users of Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains. Our unique technical documentation aims to help developers learn how to create custom programs for Great Plains Dynamics database.


We have developed a technical manual that covers various concepts about pertinent tables and columns in selected specific areas of Microsoft Dynamics GP. These concepts can guide you as a programmer/developer in creating integration programs, extensions, add-ons, or complete applications to extend the power of Dynamics GP. As you know, directly accessing the Dynamics GP database is the most powerful way to develop customized modules, and sophisticated add-on modules extend the power of Great Plains Dynamics. Specifically, our technical brief concentrates on Customer records, Inventories, Pricelists & Pricelevels, Order Documents and Invoice Documents.


Our document contains specific information that can help you decipher those complex tables and columns in creating your own Dynamics GP extension programs using your own favorite programming language like Visual Basic, C++, Delphi, C language; or reporting tools like Crystal Reports, etc . Custom programs and reports may range from pulling information directly from Dynamics GP database, creating new records, and modifying records - all without using the Dynamics program but through your own customized Dynamics GP compatible program. Directly accessing the correct database objects is more powerful than using integration programs like eConnect.


Owning this technical brief will save you valuable time and effort in researching, testing, and countless hours of experimenting in creating your own custom programs for Dynamics GP database.

Why is being able to program the database on my own useful?


The programming know-how is very useful when you want to create new integration programs, customization, or add-ons modules that will unleash more power of the huge set of information that is stored in the database used by Dynamics GP. It is very useful because you can extract and present information in your own way especially for those that Dynamics GP alone program cannot accomplish.

A proof that different businesses demand different ways of information presentation is when Microsoft introduced "Smartlists" on Dynamics. "Smartlists" were designed so you can customize the information that you can get from several Dynamics tables. But of course, those fixed number of lists are still very limited and not enough. Different businesses have different unique requirements. You will have endless capabilities at your disposal by being able to create programs that can manipulate the GP database.


Dynamics GP is a great program in itself. However, it's great to know that if it cannot give you the information you want, you can go directly to the database and get it yourself!



Recommended knowledge set:

This manual is intended for users and/or developers who have:


Basic understanding of the Dynamics Great Plains program, Version 7.5, 8.0, 9.0 or 10.0

Basic knowledge of MS SQL, knows how to use the Query Analyzer of any other program interface that can execute an SQL command.

Optional but very beneficial: Knowledge of other programming languages that can connect to an MS SQL database like Visual Basic, Delphi, C, C++, etc.



"You need to know the specific tables and columns and their relationships to develop extension modules for Dynamics GP. "


Our technical brief can give you that information.



And don't forget DEEPSEARCH - The perfect companion tool when developing MS GREAT PLAINS custom add-on modules.

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